if i have only $2000 , how am i buying a computer?go online ,what?


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thushni p :

Supose you do not have any computer related hardware or software at home and you have $2000 to buy them. Please write what would you buy and why?

You either can travel to a computer store to get the prices or you can shop online.

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First off work on your english typing skills… :P

Ok for real

Either because DELL is very reliable

both sell great computers… i personally have a dell, but people tell me alienware sells cheaper comps, not sure… just research it. and you can also customize computers so yeah… just fool around on those sites until you find the one you like. (you can turn a $600 comp into a mean $2000 comp by adding hardware and taking off useless crap)


brand name computers are usually always cheaper usually because they give you discount for buying over a certain price. online would be best you might want to compare prices and quality first before you buy the computer.

Cool Guy

buy an imac for 1000 dollars. if you want a pc though go with gateway. buy you should seriously look at an imac before anything elese

Louis L

I just bought one at Walmart for $429. It has a 3.6 ghz Pentium 4 processor, 512 mb of memory, 160 gb hard drive, dual layer DVD burner, keyboard, scroll mouse. It has Vista and won’t allow me to use alot of old programs or switch to Windows Me or older OS because the drivers for the sound, video, motherboard won’t support older OSs. That part sucks. It is a great deal. You can get a nice flat panel monitor for under $200 at Walmart too. Don’t spend $2000 unless you really need to. If you are a serious gamer you can always get another memory stick and a better video card for it.


goto newegg.com and start looking around there i buitl a great comp for just over 340 and it only took 15 mins to put together and they have great deals if you want one already built allienware is the best but make sure you can get an amd processer hope this help if you need help let me know


Try this expert recommendation and you would still have plenty to spare from your budget (for the printer, router, etc.).

I want one also but I do not have $1600 yet.

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