Looking for upgrade pc desktop computer. Where can I buy cheap computer parts online?


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Shannon S :

Hi all,

I want to know where abouts online you can buy cheap computer parts online. I am looking to upgrade and want a some good cheap hardware at great prices. What good online stores are out there?

Thanks in advance,

Shannon K Sutherland

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Pat S

oh yeaH! try newegg.com, or tigerdirect.com.

I would go with newegg.com


Depending on where you live you could get parts from Microcenter.

they have a website that you can see each stores stock though it could also be cheaper with newegg. If possible I suggest you use a combination of the 2 since microcenter is a direct competiter to newegg and tends to have some parts cheaper.


is one of the best PC parts stores you can find. Complete with product ratings and reviews, a cool “shell shocker daily deal” and awesome combo deals (i.e.: EVGA GTX295 graphics card w/ free COD4 game, combo deal ends……….)
They also offer free shipping on ALOT of their inventory, shipping is crazy fast(i mean psychotic fast) and their customer support line is awesome.
Their prices are the lowest I’ve seen.

Daryl Glenn

most of computer parts are cheap right now but if you want something more cheap go visit ebay.com


you should specific the part…you’ve never got all parts cheap at one place. you may try below link…good luck


newegg or tigerdiect, both have great prices, the beat each other here and there on prices, but newegg has cheaper shipping fees while tigerdirect has this thing that gives u free shipping if whatever part(s) u are ordering weigh less than 35 pounds, so whichever saves u money go for it

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