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HK3738 (linketh):

I have a Dell Inspiron 8600, recently formatted the hard drive because of repeated errors. How I got those is another long story. Nonetheless after re-installing windows, I have a feeling that they may have given me the wrong drivers. The original CD that came with the system was not working right, so one technician help me download some drivers from the dell website.

Question is how can I determine what hardware do I have, e.g. NVIDIA card type? is there an online tool that helps evaluate the hardware characteristics? Can I do this somehow with my system offline?

I will appreciate help in this regards,
Thanks guys, this did help. I got my answer. Please vote since you were almost all helpful, I can only pick one!

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Just go to the Dell website and look up your model! They will have all the latest drivers for your PC! I can about bet why you had to reformat too!


Open your computer up and look at the labels on your cards, hard drives, etc. They usually have labels as to who made the product and the model number which should be enough information for you to download a driver.


Yes, you can do that offline with System Info. Go to Start>Run and type Msinfo32.exe.


One hardware tool i use is the Everest Ultimate Edition. There should be a trial version download at Or try this link for a freeware version

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