I bought a custom computer and don’t know where to get the drivers 4 the audio hardware?


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codycapone818 :

This computer i got the other day is a custom built computer that had no operating system on it. so i installed windows xp and it’s running great but i have no sound. i have no idea where to look for the audio drivers online. Is there som sort of universal driver i can get that i can’t go wrong with and can i get it for free?

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1:If it was custom build then they supplied you with a cd for your motherboard , the drivers would be on that cd.

2: Get the Motherboard maker and model number, you can easily do this by opening your computer and looking at your motherboard. Go to their site and enter the model number you have, you will be forwarded to the motherboard page and it should say drivers and support somewhere on that page , it usually includes chipset,lan,audio drivers.


Download a program called Radarsync, it will scan your comp and download any missing or updated drivers for your computer without prompting you to purchase.


use software system scanner, then find out what’s ur audio hardware type and version. usually its a c-media or realtek chipset. u can find the driver there.

Warren R

hey now, all three answers are on the mark. Wow, first time I have read three different answers and they are all correct!

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