Anyone good with computer hardware (graphics card) or ubuntu video issues?

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Dane S :

Anyone good with computer hardware (graphics card) and ubuntu video issues?
I have an older computer (amd duron 950MHz, 640MB RAM, 16MB video card, etc.) and when I installed win xp it wouldn’t let me use any of the 3 legit xp keys that I have on other machine’s stickers. I called windows support and they wouldn’t give me a key because I’m not using the same processor that came with the computer I originally bought for one of the keys (the other processor burned up.) Sooooooo rather than spend all day trying to find a legit key or keygen w/o viruses, I decided to give ubuntu a try. It’s alright, I guess. But the video is very, very choppy/laggy. The only video that seems to play smoothly is old mpegs that I’ve put on cds a long time ago. Youtube runs super slow. So I bought a used ATI Radeon 9200se AGP 128MB. When I installed it, all I see is tons of pink and green lines and eventually the screen goes to blank.

1. do you think my “new” video card is burned up or has bad ram?
2. is the slow video on ubuntu (youtube – flash -, dvd’s, etc) a result of a 16mb card or something else?
3. will my power supply (300W) support my system specs with a new video card? (currently have 3 pci cards, cd drive, dvd burner, floppy, 20 mb hd…)

Thanks to anyone who can help me with any or all of these questions. I have been reading online for hours to no avail.
I will def check out linux mint. Thanks!
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I’m not sure how I could install the new drivers for that card b/c 1. i can’t find them anywhere and 2. i can’t see the screen to install them, even if i had them.

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Sounds like you have a bunch of problems.

1. Your machine is old. Even Ubuntu won’t run that great on it. Have you tried some of the leaner versions of Ubuntu? I have had great success with Linux Mint 8 in these situations. Check our

2. It is hard to say what is going on with your video card. It is either going bad or you don’t have the correct drivers.

3. Your power supply is fine.

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