What kind of software does the GeekSquad at Best Buy use to diagnose your computer and can you find it online?


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some guy :

When you go to the GeekSquad at Best Buy they charge atleast 69 or up to 200 dollars in some places for a diagnostic and all they do is run some software that finds out where the problem is. I don’t have that kind of money and I need a way to find out what is wrong with my computer whether it be a software or a hardware issue.

So I need to know what is the name of this software or anything similar to this that can check both hardware and software issues.

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Check the website of the manufacturer of your PC. Many of them have a free diagonstic program you can download specific to your make and model. Beyond that, the software used (if any) is going to depend on the kind of problem your PC is having. There is no one software for finding and fixing everything.


The Geek Squad mainly uses Winternals which was recently purchased by Microsoft.

If you do use this product please make sure that you are using a licensed product. GeekSquad/BestBuy just settled a federal lawsuit based on copyright infringement

green giant

zonealarm is the best

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