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wolverine4life :

Anybody know how I can learn to install hardware like hard drives, memory, CPUs, fans, CD-ROMs (and otherwise prep for the A+ exam)? I have looked for classes in my area, and it seems like universities either don’t offer them without your enrolling in an entire program, they’re rip-offs according to comments by others or they are online classes. I want hands-on experience, but would take very good online videos. I prefer to not just mess around with my computers trying to learn without guidance.

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Trevor T

im 13 and i know how to do all that (im not bragging) just take a day or 2 with an old computer and play around with it like taking stuff apart and seeing how they work and put it back together that’s how i learnt. its actually really easy once you get the hang of it and pretty fun too. you don’t need to take a class for replacing hard drives and stuff so i don’t think it would be worth it to take a whole class. just buy or find an old computer like from the year 2003 and play around


I have been in the IT industry for over 10 years and let me tell you that when I started out I asked the same question as you. I have a BS in computer science and honestly that is all classroom theory. I am currently a Sr Systems Admin at a very large company and where I started was simply trying and failing at putting together my own computer. Its totally frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I know you asked for hands-on and you fear not messing around without guidance. There are so many people out there that will help you if you run into problems. You can gain valuable experience and you will learn so much. Some cliche’s for you…”trial by fire” … “labor of love” you will experience. Check out some of these sites for assistance so you don’t feel “alone”

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

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