How do I diagnose a computer hardware problem?


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Victor D :

I built my own computer using parts from It was working fine, but I now believe that I have some sort of hardware problem. When I’m editing movies, I constantly get blue screens and its hard to work. And when I’m playing this multiplayer game online with my friends, my computer just shuts off randomly. And when I’m tryin to install this other game, I cant finish the installation because I always get a bluescreen before it has the time to finish. So I believe those are pretty clear indicators of some sort of hardware problem. Please tell me what to do. I tried reinstalling vista and updating my video driver already.

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This sounds like a problem I had. Your video card sounds like it’s underpowered. Check with the manufacturers of the video card and see what it requires for the wattage for your power supply. Good Luck.

Bill M

I strongly believe that your graphics adapter is overheating. Graphics intensive applications especially games and video editing programs require your GPU to work hard. Check all your cooling fans. They might not be spinning enough to cool down your hardware. Add more fans if you can’t touch the heat sinks with your fingers without being “torched”.

Try popping out the cover of your computer’s casing and blow an external fan through it. See if it would make a difference.


hardware problem could always be seen in Device Manager.Go to Control Panel>>Performance and Maintenance>>System>>click Hardware >>all hardware with yellow markings are not working well……Hope this will help.

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