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when making a computer for online gaming, would it be better to have a good video card and ram, or a decent video card and ram, but with a better network card? (looking to play WOW, and have less lag)

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Dean B

Networrk card only matters on Lan games, for Interent its always nearly 100 tims slower than the max speed a LAn can go, soits good intterent that is lag free.


WoW doesn’t need a high end graphics card. Just get something decent, and 2 gigs of ram and you’ll be set.


network card isnt that important, it would be better if you got a better video card and ram because a network card doesnt make that much of a difference, while a video card can make a huge difference. a better video card means better FPS (frames per second) which means less lag and much better video preformance.


u will want a computer that has a really good video card and ram and u want above decent as far as network cards go for gaming try a wirless network card and a faster internet connection to play wow with


They are all important in their own way. But i’d say having any more than 2gb’s of ram would be excessive , same with a video card , if you spend more than £150 for a video card , it would be excessive for WoW. Network card shouldn’t make much difference at all.
I run wow full graphics and top fps with 2gb’s of ram and ati x1950 pro.
Hope this helps!


your network card is not an issue. most available network cards preform much faster than your internet is capable of bringing data to your computer anyway. you should focus on your video card, processor and ram. and if lag persists get faster internet service. you will lag if you have service lower then 1.5mbps guaranteed. I would suggest at least 3 mbps service if you are going to be playing WOW.

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