I have a few computer questions that I need to fill out for an online volunteer position.please help?


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Sarah Jane :

OK-the operating system is Microsoft Windows XP-right?
It’s the home edition.
Then when I
look in the control panel it says this-
Version 2002 Service Pack 3
the rest of it is
Intel (R)Pentium( Dual CPU
E2160@6H 1.79 GHZ

1.79 GHZ o.996Bof

Is this the answer to the question what is your computer hardware specifications and computer software specifications?

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Software is Windows XP. Hardware is “the rest of it” – 1,79GHz CPU, and some amount of RAM that comes after that (996MB, maybe? If it is, say 1GB – the difference doesn’t matter.)


If there asking for your specs just put

Windows XP
Intel Pentium Dual core E21606H 1.79 GHZ 1.79 GHZ

then include the RAM

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