how do i pick a desktop computer online?


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saint :

I have no clue how to do this. I am a new user and have no clue reagarding the hardware. I don’t know if i need a port for internet, what GB size, what company, etc. PLs help.
All i know is i need to buy a moniter( LCD ), CPU and akeyboard. Pls help.

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don’t buy a used or refurbished computer. there is no way ahead of time to know if you are just buying an empty box. believe me that happens alot on ebay.

Scott S

well i would suggest dell or HP. You are going to want 1 gigabyte (in my opinion) of ram and a CPU with with a L2 cache of atleast 1 MB. Also you will want a minimum a 120 gigabyte hard drive. Talk to support with the company you want to buy from, they will help you decide what computer is best for you. You may want to go to an electronics shop and have someone explain basic hardware principles to you and help you decide what you need in a computer.

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